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November 24th, 2015

We all love a real housewife or amateur in front of the camera, especially if they are making porn in their home. Like this real British chubby chav is, in this amateur movie. This chav has been paid a few quid to get her clothes off and fuck herself in front of the camera, which I expect she will spend on cheap Lidl’s booze, probably some vodka and a couple of packets of Lambert and Butler. You can always spot a chav or chavette as we call them. A chavette will think itself as the most fasionable person around. The chav will have a fag in one hand and a pram in the other. Like the male version, it likes burberry (fake) and McDonalds (not inside, obviously). Chavs are often chubby All chavettes, regardless of weight, will be wearing their clothes at least 2 sizes too small. They will wear their tracksuit bottoms and low slung jeans in such a way that their huge gut/pregnant bump is exposed and when they bend over, their thong.

British chubby babe making her first porn movie

November 22nd, 2015

This is a clip of a full lentgth movie we made of this British chubby babe. It was the first time that this real British chubby amateur had made. We thought we would ease her in with a softcore movie, before we went on to fuck her brains out on film and made her eat out other British amateur chubby’s cunts. This is just a small clip of the full length movie in which we get our chubby amateur fucking herself with dildo’s In this clip you get to see this chubby babes thong as she bends over to show us her fat arse. To see the full length movie of our amateur chubby visit British Chubby here

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November 20th, 2015

This super sexy British BBW babe has a great sexy fat arse. We took the pictures this chubby slut in her home. Do you like a nice fat arse? I do. I love this chubby slut fucking her fat arse with this vibrator, with her fat legs wide open so we can get a good look at her fat cunt She was wearing really sexy underwear but we made her strip off to show her fat naked body. I have included a couple of sample pics of the BBW, one in lingerie and one showing her fat arse. If you would like to see the complete series of this chubby housewife, visit British Chubby here

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November 18th, 2015

Boozed women blog is a  great site featuring British milf’s and housewives exposed at hen nights with strippers in these real amateur movies taken at clubs and pubs in the north of England. These are real chubby and fat, beer drinking, pie eating British northern old sluts getting any cock they can. I really didn’t realise things like this went on. I’m actually lost for words. Does your wife go out to hen nights with her friends? Well this is what she is probably getting up too. These male strippers do not care what size these British amateurs are, chubby, fat and skinny. But being northern birds most are fat. Take a look at these movie clips taken at hen parties in the north of England.

These home made amateur movies were taken at Ladies hen nights were there are male strippers. women of all ages and all sizes getting on stage with these strippers and getting up to all sorts. Apart from licking cream of these strippers some even suck his cock. From young women to milf’s. These British wives are fucking filthy. This is a fucking great new site for those who want to watch real British amateur sluts drunk and getting nasty with these male strippersIf you want to see the site and the full length movies you can here at Behind the towel. Otherwise enjoy these shocking clips. If you want more clips like these visit boozed women blog here.

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Big Belly BBW

November 16th, 2015

his fat bitch gets her skinny made to get on her knees and get between her fat thighs and makes her lick her fat sweaty cunt.. This BBW British babe has a big belly as well as big chunky legs. We took these pictures of this chubby babe at he home where we get to see her fat belly which is really cute. This big breasted chubby dominatrix not only loves to fuck fat women, this fat babe also loves to fuck skinny girls and has a skinny submissive maid. But what I like most about this fat dominatrix is that she gets this skinny maid to lick out her fat arse hole! What a great shot, some stupid skinny bitch with her tongue and nose and fingers up a fat and busty dominatrix arsehole.


chubby wife in stockings

November 14th, 2015

MILF housewife Sandy was waiting for us wearing black stockings and white panties. It didnt take long at all before she was flashing us her panties and hairy cunt. What a great big pair of breasts this British wife has. The bra that she was wearing was great fun and after we stripped the slut down we ended up wearing it on our heads. What a scene that must have looked, a mature lady in stockings with her legs spread and opening her cunt while the photographer between her legs with her bra on his head. What is it about these mature kinky British sluts. They look so fucking horny dressed up in kinky uniforms. Like this British milf in her nurses uniform.

Big Beautiful Woman

November 12th, 2015

The phrase “Big Beautiful Woman” (commonly abbreviated as BBW) is used by its proponents to denote an attractive, self-confident “woman of size”. BBWs are also the focus of a subculture with interests centered on the acceptance, support, and admiration of fat women. Exceptionally large women are called SSBBWs, with the SS standing for “super size”. Recently, “Hypersize” has come into use to describe women upward of 500 pounds. The term “BHM,” which stands for “big handsome man,” is not nearly as prevalent as the term “BBW.” To see British BBW’s and Chubbys visit kims amateurs here

Chubby teen in body stocking

November 10th, 2015

I think this British plumper Chubby Date looks really cute in glasses and if you like to see fat girls in sexy lingerie then you will love this British Chubby Date. Of course this blond plumper has a very wet pussy after spending the whole day flashing her chubby legs in stockings. This BBW  who is wearing an all in one body stocking, spreads her chubby teen legs. She is wearing a stocking and flashes her fat pussy. Then she takes that off and shows us her chubby naked body. This chubby secretary is relaxing at home after a busy day at work, flirting with her boss. This Chubby Date is always wearing fully fashioned stockings and heels and she really fills out her nylons with her fat and very shapely legs.


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November 8th, 2015

You cant beet a fat slag sucking down on a cock and I would make this fat slag suck my cock after I watched her bring herself to orgasm by fingering her fat wet pussy. A fat slag with a nice trimmed cunt with her fat legs open well what can be better.  In this series of pictures we took off our fat mature wife, we see her strip down and spread her fat legs so we get a good view of her fucking herself with a dildo. Do you like hairy fat cunt’s or shaved fat cunt’s? I like all cunt’s if they are nice and wet. But I much prefer a nice trimmed cunt. I do like a nice fat arse, so I bent her over, stuck a dildo in her cunt and made her finger her fat arse. If you want to see the BBW in action in the whole dirty series. This chubby slut is very cute and on this shoot we had a good time as this chubby slut loves having a fun time, which you can tell by the look on her fat face.


chubby babe rubs her panties

November 6th, 2015

If you’ve ever wondered what naughty secretaries do during their lunch break  I think I have the answer!  Look at the size of the cunt on this fat slag! Fuck me, what a massive cunt she has when she spreads her lips.  This fat slag is sitting in a restaurant feeling pretty lonely when she decides to put on a show for the waiters!  Already free from her pencil skirt, she is stood in black panties, sweater and sexy glasses.  Rubbing her breasts with one hand and her curvy belly with the other she is bound to have got some attention from both men and women!  Let her get your attention right now, click here to join! I do not think I have ever seen a cunt as huge as this! Have you? If you have ever seen a cunt as big as this then I want to hear about it.


BBW in her bikini

November 4th, 2015

Well this British chubby is very white. That goes without saying, most British babes are usually white, especially the fatter babes as they need far more sun to get a tan. Jenny is one sexy BBW. If you like your BBW’s big then Jenny is for you. In this photo shoot we did with Jenny she first strips down to her bikini. Before stripping off completely. This British chubby babe in on the beach and has decided that the best way to get a tan on her chubby curves is to strip off naked. I love BBW with big big arms and big legs as well as a big fat arse. i also like my BBW’s who have pale skin. I would love to find a chubby babe like this on the beach sunbathing. I would pull her fat belly up and fuck her in her wet pussy while watching her swinging tits bounce around. Jenny has pale skin and a huge arse. Plus she is a real exhibitionist and loves to play in front of the camera. To see the complete photoset we did Visit British Chubby here now


Chubby wife gets gang banged

November 2nd, 2015

This group of guys love a woman with a fuller figure. This wife certainly has a fuller figure and she really can’t get enough cock. Watch as all these men take it in turns fucking her holes, all at the same time. This chubby wife takes all 5 cocks and drains them all

Would you like to watch real chubby amateurs on web cam?

October 31st, 2015

We get turned on simply just thinking of intercourse, sometimes I don’t need any movies or porn pictures. My boyfriend and I do all these cost-free live web cam shows for this internet site and it truly has transformed my take on intimacy. Now I know what turns men on. My own pussy gets damp seeing each one of these guys cum. Would you enjoy me to stick several fingers way up my bum? And also thrust them in this pussy?

Are all British wives are unfaithful sluts

October 29th, 2015

Uk women came in 3rd in the Major TEN Most unfaithful wives In The World. unfaithful wives delivers the unfaithful wives as well as guys who like them, together. The UNLV article about cheating and extramarital liasons reported that The uk had cheating & affairs cases at a rate of over 40%, The UK suffers from a higher rate of women of all ages infidelity. At unfaithful wives you’ll find swingers (including couples), cuckolding wives or girlfriends in addition to just cheating wives or girlfriends. Take a surf on the site and check if you can see your better half or maybe your friends better half. Or perhaps join totally free to look for unfaithful wives right now.

British chubby ladies are looking for cock tonight

October 27th, 2015

chubbydates may be the U. K’s largest plus the most effective chubby and BBW online dating & connections internet site. If you want some sort of bigger date then you will enjoy our dating web-site. And so whatever Chubby or curvy woman you are after, we’re fairly positive chubbydates have the plump lady available for you. This site is actually no cost to join and look at our wives. And also find their own submitted pictures and also read their own blogs. At chubbydates it is possible to search, speak and also arrange a date with the chunky lover you have been trying to find today!

Hungry men prefer heavier women?

October 25th, 2015

Two British researchers have published a study suggesting that hunger may relate to how men perceive different female body types, BBC News reports. The researchers surveyed 61 male college students coming and going from a university dining hall, first asking them how hungry they were and then asking them to rate a series of photographs of similarly dressed women of varying weights and body types. The half of the group that said they were hungry rated heavier women as more attractive, according to the abstract of the study, which appears in the British Journal of Psychology. The researchers now plan on reversing the study to see how hunger affects female perception of male body types.


The biggest boobs in Britain?

October 23rd, 2015

Are these the Biggest tits you have ever seen? OK, maybe not. But this super sexy BBW has a fucking great pair of big tits. Here she is in the garden with her super huge bbw sized breasts posing. We then got her completely naked before getting her to spread her fat legs and show us her cute pussy. If you like big boobs you will love this British Indian amateur teen Shiva Shaw rubbing baby oil all over her large boobs To see this BBW in the complete series visit Shiva Shaw here

Shiva also has her own daily blog, where you can see pictures and movie clips of this busty chubby British girl. Fans of twitter can follow shiva here at

British chubby big boob wife Danica Collins wants to show you what she has bought

October 21st, 2015

I’m excited with the way danica comes up with ideas for hot garments plus movies. This amateur takes just simply really fundamental items & turns them in to a genuinely sexxy costumes. As soon as this milf commences her well-known gradual stripping this alluring UK milf hot lady unleashes both of her significant tits after which pulls down the panties. It appears if you ask me that this hot amateur is inviting that you have fun with just a little fun. Consider just how neat it would for you to stick your cock in between these large tits and distribute your warm cum across this wife’s boobs. This extremely sexxy movie from this milf sees this milf little by little strip to be able to show her beautiful body in a sexy basque along with traditional nylons. Taking down just one nylon danica collins places it over her hand to be able to fuck her cunt, making the most of the experience with the nylon rubbing alongside her lips while this milf actually reaches orgasm. Watch as this amateur washes her toes with champagne in plus out of nylons and challenges that you lick as well as suck her stocking covered feet.

Big Boob MILF housewife

October 19th, 2015

Big Boob Demi Dean’s site is like one big photo and video diary! Demi photographs and films all her naughty sexploits – it gets her extra excited to see my adventures on the internet. However some of you might be interested in the story of how she came to have a website like this. This is a long movie of about 5 minutes and is action packed from start to finish. If you like real English amateur milf’s then you are going to wank yourself silly over this movie. Read her bio to discover how a part-time secretary became the webs hottest milf. See the free demi dean galleries here


Also this busty chubby British MILF also has her own daily blog, featuring this chubby milf Demi herself and some other British milf friends. Visit Demi’s blog at Those of you who love following real British chubby amateurs on twitter can follow Demi on twitter here

Kerry Marie in long white socks is a British chubby babe who likes to masturbate

October 17th, 2015

Stunning Uk big boob girl kerry has had lots of careers. Among the list of positions this slapper has held include waitress, store assistant, table dancer, stripper, putting together pc boards and oral hygienist. What exactly kerry marie finds hot in a male? “I just like suits. I do believe guys wearing suits are usually lovely. Or only men wearing uniforms. I really like uniforms. Even postman’s uniforms I think are extremely eye-catching! “. Yet what this British huge breast brunette is really renowned for is actually getting out her 34JJ bust in front of the video camera. So anyone may think this slut is usually some form of sweet, not guilty, healthy, bit of a pushover? Well, you just made the largest misjudgement of your jugg adoring life. Watch as kerry works with her much worshipped tits when kerry stares at the camera. She’s got a great deal to show. Nonetheless this sluts internet site is not only just about this slappers excellent significant bosoms, as fantastic as about kerry Marie’s breasts are. It is additionally about kerry marie dressing up in kinky clothes and also stockings, masturbating alone and also with kerry Marie’s large breast grirlfriends. This amateur possesses a sweet nature to match Busty Kerrys sweet looks and almost nothing awful may be stated concerning this excellent young lady. Stacked and also podgy now (Kerry Marie gained a lot of pounds in 2004) this slapper earned scorelands plump babe of the Season 24 months running (2004 plus 05) plus is found within xlgirls on a regular basis now too. View this amazing Uk babe in these movies while she is dressed in white stockings and masturbating.


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